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As a leading provider in Root Canal Diagnosis and treatment, at Kits Endo we take every measure to create a safe and comfortable environment to treat our patients, and provide lasting care and oral health solutions.

What is Root Canal Therapy?

When a tooth dies with/without pain due to decay, trauma or age, the immunity is lost leaving the space left within susceptible to infection. Because the jawbone retains the tooth infection. Harmful bacteria can leak out and cause infection. 

Root canal therapy removes the dead tissue and bacteria from within the tooth, leaving the tooth and the jaw healthy. 

As such some goals of successful root canal therapy are:

  • Relief of pain from diying nerve tissue or abscess
  • Conservative location and disinfection of the root system
  • Prevent further infection by effectively sealing the root system
  • Faciliate long term restoration

Just because it doesn’t hurt, doesn’t always mean it was done properly. 

Trust a Root Canal Specialist!

Our Services Include:

Root Canal Diagnosis

Determining the extent of tooth decay and salvageability of the tooth are essential to the next steps in Endodontic procedures.


Root Canal Treatment

In situations when the nerve is infected, success of root canal treatment lets you keep a tooth, rather than extracting it.

Endodontic Surgery

When non-surgical root canal procedures are insufficient to curb the discomfort, a root canal surgery may be necessary.

Are you experiencing any type of tooth pain or discomfort? Reach out to us for a diagnosis, and save your tooth!

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Why trust Kits Endo with your Oral Care?

We believe that it’s critical to stay at the cutting edge of technology to create the best possible treatment and care to our patients.

With that commitment, we have invested and are the first in Vancouver to offer technologies like the GentleWave system that allow us to treat each canal in less time than a standard root canal treatment while achieving a higher standard of clean.

Employing fluid dynamics with acoustic energy to reach the microscopic places where bacteria & debris can hide. Our advanced combination allows us to effectively remove the infected tissue- lessening the chance of root canal failure over time.

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our Doctors

Dr. Anthony Mo


BSc, DMD, MSc, Dip(Endo), FRCD(C)

Dr. Mo worked and ran a successful practice in the heart of the financial district in Sydney for 8 years until he decided to renew his Canadian roots and pursue his passion for Endodontics at UBC. He actively engages in continuing education both as a teacher and a student in Endodontics. 

What Separates us from Other Endodontists?

We have invested, educated and trained extensively on the safest and effective techniques in order to save your real teeth, and provide you with the most comfortable treatment options. 

In the Heart of Kitsilano

With a convenient central location in Kitsilano, after a treatment, you’ll feel so relaxed you may just want to hang out at the beach afterwards.