Case #1 – Natural Tooth ReImplant

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Case #1 - Natural Tooth ReImplant

Our patient was a 50 year old male with an infection and abscess from a previous root canal on the lower right molar. 

Xray #1 – Show’s the tooth pretreatment with an abscess.

Xray #2 – Following a second root canal treatment, there was very little improvement.

Xray #3 – Patient returns 4 weeks later with a more severe infection. Treatment made his condition worse. We also see more severe bone loss.

Xray #4 – We should have called it quits and extracted the tooth but the patient was reluctant to lose it and was willing to take a chance on an alternative treatment to an extraction. Chance of success was likely less than 50%. 

We removed the tooth, cleaned and sealed it outside of the mouth and reimplanted it. When done carefully and safely, the ligament holding the tooth can heal!

Xray #5 – 4 months after the extraction/reimplant. You can see that the bone is growing back, the patient is eating comfortably and the outlook is very positive. 

Photos of Extraction