Endodontic Consultation

What to Expect During the Endodontic Consultation

Your initial consultation will allow us the opportunity to assess your problem and diagnose whether there is an endodontic solution. Ability to do a thorough diagnosis involving complex dental problems and conditions is a big part of the difference between your general dentist and an endodontic specialist.

We will discuss your medical history, your symptoms, the history of these symptoms, what has already been done to your teeth and what can be done. When you come to Kitsilano Endodontics you are not coming for just a 'root canal.' First you will receive information on what is happening in your mouth and what are the options for treatment. Which option you take will be up to you. For patients in pain we keep appointment slots open reserved for emergencies to deliver treatment ASAP. For other less urgent conditions you may want to wait and think about your choice of treatment, possibly consulting with other dental specialists before making a decision. Dental pain is something nobody wants and we understand your need for a caring team who put your needs and comfort first. We will do our best to eliminate endodontic discomfort from your mouth as painlessly as possible as soon as possible.