Worth Saving

Our worth Saving blog takes a deeper dive into the value of preserving your natural teeth. Visit AAE.org to learn more.

At Kits Endo, we believe that nothing compares to preserving your natural tooth. Have you been told that your tooth isn't worth saving? Consider this!

Below we will share a series of interesting cases with results showing that in many intances, with modern technology and expertise, it is still possible to save the natural tooth and avoid expensive alternative options that follow an extraction.

Do you have a tooth that is infected and may need to be extracted? Reach out to us for a different opinion, and save your tooth

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Case #1 - Natural Tooth ReImplant

Our patient was a 50 year old male with an infection and abscess from a previous root canal on the lower right molar…

Case #2 - Managing Decay and RCT all at Once

Sometimes we find decay when it’s very late. This makes it difficult to restore as well as treat endodontically. 

In this case we show how we can treat decay and RCT all at once…

Puri Pazotorres taken Jan16'20

Case #3 - Chronic Apical Periodontitis

This case was treated with minimal instrumentation and Gentlewave cleaning.  Obturation with Gutta Percha and injected BioC sealer. 

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